Organic Dog Treats
Organic Dog Treats
Organic Dog Treats
Organic Dog Treats

Organic Dog Treats


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Gingerbread Organic Dog Treats

Made with a tasteful combination of all-natural plant-based superfoods including organic ginger, gluten-free oats, and roasted peanut butter.
Inspired by our grandmother’s organic gingerbread recipe and adapted to the dietary needs of dogs. Beautiful aroma and incredible taste – so delicious you will be tempted to try it!

Holiday Cobbler Organic Dog Treats

Celebrate the holiday season with Holiday Cobbler treats! Aromatic organic crisp green apples, cinnamon, and hand-selected superfoods including gluten-free rolled oats and roasted peanut butter.

Hanukkah Gelt Organic Dog Treats

Rich notes of naturally grown wild blueberries layered with hand-selected superfoods including fragrant coconuts and purple carrots. Treat your dog to the festival of lights with Hanukkah Gelt!